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2007 - 2008 Harbor Web Snow Forecast Contest

Winter Storm Approaches

The only game in town! Fearless forecasters vie for bragging rights and fabulous prizes.

1957 - 2006 Snowfall History

Keweenaw Snow History
57/58-06/07 History Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr May Total
Most 13 76 134 111 80 78 35 14 390
Least 0 4 17 36 8 3 0 0 161
Average 3 27 63 71 39 27 10 2 242

Additional historical snowfall data can be viewed at The Snow Report.

See Keweenaw Snowfall Record - 1957 thru 2006 For Monthly Totals Since 1957

Forecast Champs Earn Fabulous Prizes. Last winter's monthly winners munched on prizes of delicious Cornish pasties from the good folks at Pasty Central, as will this year's monthly winners in November through February, the big snow months. If there are ties, I'm not sure what we will do. Abby the Wonderdog, now in doggy heaven, picked the winner's dog biscuit from a snowpile laden with biscuits, each bearing the initials of a tie-breaking contender. For the last four winters, all Nov. through March winners received pasties. If the Dow Index stays above 14,000 we will probably do that again. All monthly winners are supposed to receive a beautiful Eagle Habor Web Snowfall Forecaster Champion certificate that will be the envy of friends, family amd/or co-workrs. (I'm a couple of years behind in getting these out.) It's also possible that these certificates could be redeeemed for something more tangible, say a piece of one of Mary Probst's tasty pies - we'll see. It's unlikely that the long promised, but never delivered, Eagle Harbor Web Forecast Champ tee shirts will be available this year's winners, but if the snow is good, and the contest manager is feeling upbeat, perhaps he will at last pop for the shirts. Our total season champ will earn the use of the Harbor Web Editor's guest cottage for a week or a dinner sail to Copper Harbor and back aboard Peregrine. What counts most, of course, are the bragging rights and acclaim our winners will enjoy.

As usual, all entries must predict, in even inches, the snowfall for each of the winter months, October through May (yes, it sometimes snows in May), and the total for the winter.

Send your forecast to All entries must be received by Halloween. Be sure to provide the city and state of your winter residence.

To see what our Fearless Forecasters are predicting for this winter, please Go To: 2005-2006 Snowfall Forecasts

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