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2000 Harbor Pumpkin Art Festival

Third Annual Eagle Harbor Halloween Pumpkin Art Festival!

The Halloween weather was a bit tough on the pumpkins, but the pumpkinteers basked in the lingering Indian summer heat wave. Not as many jack-o-lanterns in the Harbor Store patch this year due to the early departure of several snowbird carvers. However, the sight and smell of the patch of creatively carved, candle lit pumpkins was pleasing to the many passersby. The Boorman sisters Liz and little Annie, with the help of the Boorman's adopted sister Sue, and Liz's Pocatello, ID co-worker Lou (a member of a BIG Idaho spud farmer family), took the "Great Pumpkin" award with their coordinated display of "Ida Pumptater" (complete with two of the famous Idaho spuds), "Ima Acron" and "Meow - Ida's and Ima's cat." Anne Boggio is our "Flasher" award winner for her sparkling "Christmas Tree" pumpkin. And a big "THANK YOU" to our Pumpkin Fest hostess Patti Crampton. She prepared the patch, kept the candles burning, and maintained a loving watch over the pumpkins as they brightened our hearts during their four day visit.

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