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2001 Harbor Pumpkin Art Festival

Fourth Annual Eagle Harbor Halloween Pumpkin Art Festival!

2001 Eagle Harbor Halloween Pumpkin Art Festival!
(Thanks to Paul Freshwater for photo. Click to enlarge.)

Not as many pumpkins in the patch this year, but the very few "youngsters" in town exhibited their usual carving skill and good humor. Not shown is a wonderful mail-in "Inch Worm" entry from Angela Geis - a series of small pumpkins strung together. (It arrived while I was with my grandkids, but made the round of Harbor post Halloween parties.)

This year's "Great Pumpkin" award surely belongs to the carvers (?) of the "USA" pumpkin on the bottom step. As usual we are indebted to our patch host and chief pumpkin cheerleader Patti Crampton for her "Good Neighbor" services. Also many thanks to pumpkin tenders Joe, Bruce, Paul, Bobbie, Patti, Doug, Ginny, and others who helped keep the candles going in my absence.

The class of 2001 has now moved on to their just reward. Our goal for Halloween 2002 is at least thirty pumpkins. Any ideas of how we can increase the pumpkin count as our "folks in town" count at Halloween seems to dwindle each year? Perhaps a pumpkin carving party with B&B (band and booze) at the school.

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