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1999 Harbor Pumpkin Art Festival

Second Annual Eagle Harbor Halloween Pumpkin Art Festival!

Some of last year's carvers left for warmer climates before Halloween, but the Jack-O-Lantern display on the Harbor Store steps was no less dazzling. For three evenings the thirty-one pumpkins, each representing the special creative and carving talents of Harborites far and near, beemed their friendly, although often spooky, faces and messages to an appreciative gathering of Keweenaw passersby. As was our lot last year, the first evening was a "blow out" as strong winds and light rain challenged our band of candle lighters. The second and third evenings were perfect. Warm gentle breezes caressed pumpkins and onlookers alike, and the bond between the brightly lit cast on the high steps and the young of heart dodging traffic on the dark street below seemed magical. Costume garbed Harbor "trick-or-treaters", all reliving the glory of their youth, roamed about, adding to the festive spirit of the evenings.

Special thanks to our genial storekeeper Patti Cramptom for serving as our host. Patti opened the store and provided "treats" for the carvers, candle lighters and pumpkin guardians. Her generously offered larder of spare candles and candle holders was an "event saver". A thanks too to the always effervescent innkeeper Mary Probst for helping Patti and George with the challenge of finding just the "right" award for each pumpkin, and for serving as our Festival spokesperson when the local TV station reported on the event. Everybody helped out, but Fred Kellow, Wayne Sickler, Clarence Bach, and Rick and Elaine Finke deserve recognition for their special assistance. And, of course, a special nod to Jim Boggio and UPPCO for seeing that the nearby street light was doused so the pumpkins could do their thing.

As usual the biggest kudo goes to the many who created and carved the real stars of our show, the pumpkins.

The Second Annual Eagle Harbor Pumpkin Art Festival - of little note in the mighty affairs of state, but oh so sweet for the soul!

To find out what pumpkin won what award, please go to: 1999 Pumpkin Festival Awards

Pumpkin Pictures.
Here's pictures of all but one of the Class of 1999. (Peggy Johnson's clever "M&M Witch" left early for her annual broom ride, so missed the class pictures.)

Class of '99
Pumpkin Festival site.
Class of 1999
The Class of 1999
Witch's Tree
"Witch's Tree"
Elaine Finke
Nose Job
"Nose Job"
Mary Beyers
Duct Tape
"Duct Tape"
George Hite
Hop Sing
"Hop Sing & Admirer"
Patti Keith
Rich Probst & Kelly Bryant
"Something On My Mind"
John & Nancy Wakeman
"Pumpkin Festival"
George Hite
"Life Is Good"
Anne Boggio
"Cookie Cutter"
Barb Martin
"Sassy Lady
Nancy Clarkson
Eat Spam
"Eat Spam Pie"
Rick Finke
Elaine Finke
"Artist's Tree"
Patti Crampton
"Splitting Headache"
Elaine Finke
"Packer Promo"
Doug Schubert
Ginny Schubert
Carrot Top
"Carrot Top"
Ann Bach
Pumpkin Man
"Pumpkin Man"
Barb & Wayne Sickler
"Tall Tail"
Gerry Johnson
"Trick or Treat"
Ann Johnson
Nate ?
Paul & Bobbie Freshwater
George Hite
Mary Probst
"Overboard Sailor"
Dick Lantz
"It's A Cat?"
Patti Asselin
"Little Piggy"
Elaine Finke
"Hear All - Tell All"
Clarence Fisher
Elaine Finke
Battery Pal
"Battery Pal"
Angela (Geis) Smith

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