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"Harbor Haiku." by William Baird (July, 1997)

( the place ) Gentle gulls,
is it food for lean souls
that guides our gliding
to this place?...
...Is yours a holy hunger?
Are you, too,
an eagle's heart?
( Superior sunset ) Ice and copper
dissolve to make
a blue bed
in a red room.
Sleep, sun.
( agate: today ) The child seizes
her treasure--
a tiny star
dropped on the shore,
for her...
...what superior rages
and blue caresses
sculpted her booty?
( natives ) The black bear
walks at midnight,
white fog at dawn;
foraging for substance.
( sunrise ) Awake from its Asian dream,
the chilled sun
nudges the gull
from its nest...
...warms itself,
stirs tea and currents,
alerts the woodlands--
while working west.
( Grand Marais ) Ten thousand waterfalls,
all raindrops,
aspire to be
as grand as a swamp
The feminine morning
of Grand Marais
might wear five dresses--
Breaking the soft night,
A raucous silver fish
dances with fire flies.

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