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"Mount Baldy Excursion." by Barbara (Boorman) Williams.

It was one of those days...the kind that is perfect for a walk up the Mountain.

A bunch of us gathered at Jilberts before embarking on our journey. We were all green at this. All of us had done this before but there was always someone on the hike that really knew how to get there and back safely. But this time we were on our own.

All of us knew to get on the Delaware Rd. and take off on the logging road. Actually we didn't have any trouble at all. We all put our two cents worth in as to which way. We made it to the top and all felt a sense of pride at being successful.

The best part was picking the yummy blueberries that seemed to flourish up there. After filling our bellies with Mother Nature's treats we decided that we would take the shortcut down the Mountain. You may wonder where the short cut is from Baldy to the Harbor....Well it's straight down the old Mountain.

We didn't know about the obstacles we would encounter. The trip down took forever...There was talk as to if this really was a short cut or what! Finally we hit the blacktop road. The conversation went something like this at that point: "What road is this?", "Which way should we go?", "I have no idea!" "It's getting late, do ya think they will come looking for us?" "Well, we have two choices, this way or that way". "You choose!" "Well, how about this way?" "Sounds good to me".

We walked forever, it seemed. Finally there was a car coming toward us. We all started hooping and hollering for it to stop. As it got closer we recognized the car. It was Mr. Black! I suppose he recognized some of us "urchins" from the Harbor. "Wow, a familiar face! We're saved!!!" We all piled in and Mr. Black continued on with all us kids to the Harbor. He told us that we probably would have been in Copper Harbor by dark if he had not come along.

THANK YOU MR. BLACK!!!!! What a terrific guy you are! We NEVER took any more shortcuts!!!!!!

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