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"Barrel Background" by Carol (Johnson) Bogart

"Thought you'd like to know the background a bit on the trash barrels, since I have been jokingly known for the past 5 or 6 (I believe) summers as the 'trash lady'.

I believe it was the summer of '91, but may have been '90, when a group of us decided to approach the township board re: a plan to have folks volunteer to haul barrel contents to the SWF weekly during the summer season. The Board was not immediately receptive to the idea, but we sort of convinced them that we wanted to try.

Anna Roche and I sanded and repainted the barrels; my dad, Gerry Johnson saw to it that holes got into the bottom of the barrels for drainage. I posted the sign up poster for the first time that summer, and have done so every summer since then. Doug Schubert has brought heavy duty trash bags up from Green Bay each year for use in the barrels. I actually was going to be ahead of the game next summer and made up the 1997 chart in June of 1996 when I posted the '96 chart. It is waiting in our little cottage. I'll be interested to see who all signs up!"

This note about the history of the Eagle Harbor "Adopt A Barrel" program is an excellent example of Harborites "getting into the act and helping out." Our thanks to Carol, Anna, Gerry, Doug and others involved in starting and maintaining this town service project. Go to the Helping Out page to sign up.

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