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"Bear Hug." by Vic Williams.

About 2 years ago I was makin a visit to da U.P., eh. I was go up dere wit me wife who is from Calumet and spent her summers at Eagle Harbor. I am from a small town in Nevada where you can see 75-100 miles in any direction.

Well let me tell you, ya! I was having one hell of a time for all the trees you got up dere. Holy Moley, Uffda and Holywah! I never seen so many trees an I couldn't even hardly see da houses or people for da trees. I even gave a black bear a hug at da dump thinkin it was my sister-in-law a wearing a fur coat. Ya, an you folks sure do talk funny, eh! I yumped into da lake an Holywah, I damn near froze off some of my warm blooded Nevada parts.

All kidding aside, I had a wonderful time meeting all the nice folks, and getting acquainted with my in-laws. In Nevada we call them outlaws! I enjoyed takin a mosey down to the beach and having a few "shooters" with my new "compadres" then "sauntering" back to the "bunkhouse" to get some "shuteye" or put on the "feed bag".

I have many fond memories of Eagle Harbor even if I did suffer a bit from claustrophobia. I guess the trees and your warm hearts are what keeps you all together.

Thanks for having me as your guest.

Vic Williams (Barb Boorman's pardner)

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