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"Boomer Memories From the Late Fifties and Early Sixties." by Sue Adams

Playing 45 records at beachfires. We ran extension cords from Carleton's to the beach and every time a car went over the cord the record player would "S-L-O-W-L-Y" stop.

Waiting for the Buckeye Boys for HOURS on the steps of the store. They called me "Tuffy".

Florence Payton driving by and waving at all of the kids. ( Bless her heart, she only had the use of one arm.)

Asking Rudy Francisco for "Cold Duck" for my ex's 21rst birthday. He said, "We don't have that but we have fresh chicken."

Skinny dipping at Grand Marais with Julie Goodell outside of the girl's shack. When we were going to get out our clothes had been hoisted to the top of the flag pole. (We suspected Ric Catoni, Platt Barber, & Bill Ewart.)

Going to Matilda's grave in the dark and following the back path out of the cemetary to M-26.

When I told Rev. Bill Hill that I didn't have anything to wear to church and he said I could be like Eve.

Attending "Sing Along" in the basement of St. Peter's By the Sea with Ric Catoni, Platt & Lee Barber, Bill Ewart and my sister. Miss Motor and Miss Drummond would lead us in such songs as, "Beautiful soup so rich & green... Waiting in a hot tureen." We would all be laughing so hard we would be crying by then and asked to please leave.

Jake Martin sleeping in his Model T at Jilbert's when he was supposed to be on constable duty.

All of the gang riding to the other end of the bay in the trunk of Mike Hohner's 1955 Chevrolet.

Going up to the old fog horn on a stormy day and sitting right under it for as long as we could stand and then going to visit Red.

When our mothers told us to come in when the street lights came on and how fast they caught on that was way too late.

Going up Mt. Baldy with the gang. That year I decided to lead some of the gang down the front of the mountain. We got to Lake Bailey and were stuck. We all dove in the water and Mrs.Leekila (sp?) came flying out from the resort in her boat to pick us up. She told us there were huge snapping turtles in the lake. We hitch hiked back to the harbor and Mutty Pierce picked us up. We were covered with mud from head to toe. Yes, my mother was furious with me.

Playing " A White Sportcoat and a Pink Carnation" over and over on Mello's jutebox until somebody in the gang permanently hid it.

All of us water skiing for Centennial in 100 year old bathing suits. I fell near the cribs, lost the bathing suit and almost froze to pieces it was so cold.

Wearing the first two piece bathing suit in the Copper Country and begging Marie Lamerand to bring a towel to me in the water. She refused to do it!!

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