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A Summer Hike To Mt. Baldy -- A Favorite Pastime

A Youthful Prelude To "The Grand Dance".

A recollection of Favorite Harbor Pastimes: It was a blast hooking corners on my Hurricane from Eagle Harbor to Eagle River. Hitting Sand at Sand bay was a bit much.

Terrorizing the back woods on my Yamaha 500 was also great fun till I broke my collar bone behind Delaware which allowed my shoulder to drop two inches on each bump.

Hanging out on the rock by the tube in front of Kings watching a November storm. It was cool the day the Fitz went down. The water was completely over the Harbor entry rocks and cribs.

Several years ago I had the pleasure of sailing into EH after getting blown off the lake in the Trans-Superior race. I was never so glad to shoot the range as I was that day. The old girl still gets lumpy.

Spent many an hour with my lads crawling through the Copper Falls shafts till they shut them up. At a later time, water and run-off did in much of C&H's handy work and you could get back underground.

Grabbing Steelheads from the culverts in Eliza and Cedar and sneaking them home around the DNR.

Generally my favorite times were any days when the wind was coming from the northwest and the rain/snow was moving horizontally in sheets. When out in such weather you would get a certain clarity of though and mind that was never found anywhere else. Being in the grand dance was never quite the same after that. (Tim Ellis)

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