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A Summer Hike To Mt. Baldy -- A Favorite Pastime

Remembering Grandparents.

"I always enjoyed going to Eagle Harbor, especially in the days where my great-grandmother (Velta) Gries still stayed at the Gries House with Auntie Beulah. I remember her sitting in "her chair" in the front porch, with her latest book of interest on the cherry table at her side.

Another favorite part of my days in Eagle Harbor was the days that Grandpa Ellis would put me on the front of the motorcycle, and we would ride up to Lake Eliza.

Spending the past five summers waiting tables at the Shoreline has been a great experience, getting to know the folks that sit at the 8am coffee table, greeting the "walking gang" (Mrs. Saunders, Jean, Mrs. Sickler, etc..) with their glasses of ice water, and hearing all of Don (Koop's) witty jokes and comments! I'm sure every past Shoreline-employee can relate.

Most recently, it's always a pleasure to join the festivities that Jean and Grandpa put on at their home for our Christmas celebration every year. Up until a couple of years ago, it was always interesting to see what sort of outfits the "Cookie Lady" (Barb Sickler) would bring for our old friend Scamp the dog. It was also fun to pass out gifts to everyone, and to see if my pile of presents was bigger than the piles for my sister (Alayna), Keri, and David!" (Jennifer Ellis)

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