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A Summer Hike To Mt. Baldy -- A Favorite Pastime

Making Thimbleberry Jam

Is there anything more memorable than making thimbleberry jam?

First you have the adventure of finding berries in your very favorite "secret " spot. The wearing of the hat, bandana, long pants, long sleeves, socks, boots, and the essential bug dope. Then you have the trip out in the bush in your favorite bush vehicle, whether it is a truck, motorcycle, bicycle, or your own two feet. Next it is the balancing act of walking through bushes that are as tall as you and tripping over logs, or into holes, or onto ant hills, and trying not to spill the berries. Not to mention the buzzing insects that seem to follow you the entire length of the peninsula. It also seems that what did not feel like a "beach day" on the beach, now feels like a beach day in the woods and you can't wait to hit the water ( That feeling will change when you actually hit the water!)

You get the berries home and another adventure begins, picking them over and chasing all of the bugs around the house. The best thing, however, and this will always happen, is when you are actually cooking the jam and the aroma fills the entire house.

Thimbleberry jam tastes great throughout the year, but there is never any better than right after it has been picked over and cooked. Grandpa Kellow fights with his grandson over who will lick the pans and spoons! Maybe it's all of the memories that have gone into it, Hey? (Sharon MacKenzie)

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