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"...when we don't live with birds or weather or waves we lose the opportunity to think hard about ourselves, to discover from nature important facts about human nature."
(excerpted from Nancy Lord's, Fishcamp)

Pig Roast Day, 1998

August 1, 1998. When I watched the 37 black leather clad motorcyclists roll into our little hamlet I thought, "This is going to be a hell of a Pig Roast Day." They apparently didn't get a whiff of the pig as much to the relief of us too sheltered from life "locals", the two block long line of cycles weaved respectfully through town and apparently on to the bright lights of Copper Harbor. Their muffled roar only briefly interrupting the proceedings of the annual first Saturday morning in August Agate Harbor landowners meeting at the School House. In any event, the big crowd at the school, the steady stream of cars, trucks, campers and motor homes along M-26, the scores of folks on the beach, and the many happy kids and indulging parents perched on the store steps eating ice cream cones, all signify the "peaking" of Eagle Harbor summer 1998. By evening, the center of population gravitated to the Ballpark to feast on Bill Smith's birthday pig and scores of the town's best potluck offerings; and collectively marvel at the best summer weather and warmest water temperatures in years. (NOAA buoys in mid-lake are reporting surface water temperatures in the record high mid-sixties - portending tons of lake effect snow in the coming La Nina winter.) By this week's end the camps will begin to close as families head home to ready for school. The August moon pales in the misty warm sky, seemingly content as it competes unsuccessfully with the bright glow of bonfires mesmerizing the thoughts of quiet gatherings strung along the beach each late summer evening. Lots of good summer memories being stored away to feast upon in the coming months.

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