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"...when we don't live with birds or weather or waves we lose the opportunity to think hard about ourselves, to discover from nature important facts about human nature."
(excerpted from Nancy Lord's, Fishcamp)

Tree Trimming

December 7, 1998.

It was a raw, cloudy and snowless day, but a couple score of our dwindling Harbor population gathered Sunday afternoon to trim the giant (well, some day) community Christmas tree. The bell atop the Rathbone Schoolhouse tolled away as kids and adults alike drank hot cider and loaded up the tree with stars, balls and lots of homemade decorations. Abby especially liked the bird feed decorations hung by the littlest angels within reach of her chomping jaws. The Wonderdog's antics drew groans from the parents, but the kids seem delighted. Kids would probably rather see a happy dog than a happy bird. Santa rode in on Jim Boggio's John Wayne sleigh, with plenty of questions about good behavior for kids and adults alike. The kids, wish lists grasped in their cold little hands, seemed to have better answers to Santa's queries. Adults, hung up as we are, resisted Santa's invitation to lap sit, thus, I suppose, assuring ourselves of a bleak pile of gifts under our tree. All soon retired to the Lighthouse for warmth and goodies. As evening fell, the tree lights were turned on. Beautiful!!
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