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"Lighthouse Ghosts." by Garrett Valentino

I discovered your website last night, and I was amazed at all of the great pictures you had, especially of the lighthouse! I enlisted in the Coast Guard on Nov. 3, 1975, and was transferred to Lightstation Eagle Harbor in Jan. 1976 where I spent three years. My last name at the time was Ivey, and after the Coast Guard I changed it back to the family mame, Valentino.
I am wondering if you had heard any stories of the lighthouse being haunted from other people? The reason I ask, is because I lived a year in the light house, a year in the big white house, and a year in the short brown house. At the time,(I can't speak for the present time) the lighthouse and the white house were heavily haunted. The brown house was fine. But shortly after I moved into the lighthouse, strange noises would come from the bedroom on the second floor, like furniture was being dragged heavily across the floor, with sounds of loud footsteps. The light switch at the bottom of the tower, would mysteriously click on and off continually. I could see the light coming on from under the door to the tower on the main floor. When I would open the door and look down, it would stop, until I closed the door. My alarm clock would be in a different spot in the morning, or turned off in the night.
I was constantly calling the Coast Guard District Office in Cleveland, complaining that the lighthouse was haunted and I wanted a transfer, and they just shrugged it off.
A guest once claimed to have seen a ghost in the bedroom late at night, a man in a plaid flannel shirt with no face. The next morning, she left the light house in extreme fear, and never came back.
After tolerating this for a year, the white house became vacant, and I anxiously moved in. This house turned out to be worse. I would be awakened in the middle of the night, especially in winter by voices in the bedroom. Footsteps would be heard downstairs late at night on the hardwood floors. They would then slowly come upstairs, down the hall, and stop at the entrance of the master bedroom. By this time, I would be absolutely terrified, laying in bed covered in sweat. The footsteps would start again on the ceiling, a few minutes later. Strange things and noices would happen almost continuously.
A year later, a vacancy came up for the brown house, and I moved in. In this house, I never heard or experienced anything strange at all. Probably a good thing, or I would have gone completely nuts.
I was stationed there so long, many other families would come and go. Everyone who lived in the white house and the lighthouse were terrified of the hauntings. They were not a constant thing, they would just come and go in phases.
I am wondering if you have heard this from anyone else, or if anyone has ever died in or near the lighthouse? I appreciate your Eagle Harbor site on the internet, it was nice to see it again. I haven't seen it in 20 years."(Garrett Valentino, 11/2

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