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"The Eagle Harbor Male Truck." by Sue Adams

The year was 1962, if I remember correctly, and a grand parade was to take place in Calumet to celebrate the 100 year reunion of the high school. The gang from the harbor decided to enter a float.

"Uncle" Pete Hartmann let us use his antique truck we dug out of the garage. We pondered the theme and Mrs. Roach said, "Why don't you make it the Eagle Harbor Male truck?" What a great idea we agreed!! All of us spent our free time decorating the float for the parade. The big day came and the gang piled into the truck for the trip to Calumet.

We were so proud!! The females "pushed or pulled" and the guys rode. Linda Harvey, my sister Becky, Cathy Milford, and Pat Mella were in front with ropes pulling. Lizzie Boorman and I were in the back pushing and trying to avoid all of the surprises from the horses in front of us. George Hartmann drove and Dave Potter (with a whip), Bob Gillette, Bob Thomas, Pat Roach, & my cousin Jim Curto were on the truck. We were a big hit and even made the Gazette!!

How times have changed!! My hair would be standing on end if my grand- children were on a float with that theme in this day and time. But, life was alot easier back then or so it seemed!! And now I can say that I remember that all of the males were motion sick by the end of the parade. The old truck was very difficult to shift and the clutch was bad.

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