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"Moon and Waves...Memories of Evenings On The Beach." by Daphne Holldorff

I've always loved to sit on the beach in the evening as the sun goes down and the moon begins to shine across the water. Several very fond EH memories come to mind as soon as I remember that moon and the waves lapping on the sand...

One late evening, years back when The Shack still stood in front of Boggios and we still spent the summers there, I was on the beach with a book, reading under a street light. It was a cool evening but pleasant, and I must have sat still for quite a while. At some point I looked up, disturbed by a shuffling sound before me. It was pretty dark by this time, but I could still see the furry black animal about a yard away. The stripe down its back was especially visible under the streetlamp, and I thought, "Uh oh, don't make any sudden moves, Daphne". I slowly stood up and turned toward home, the skunk waddling along behind me. I don't think I breathed till the screen door closed and the skunk - which had accompanied me back, always within a couple of yards - had disappeared under the cottage. We had always talked about the family of skunks that lived under The Shack, but I had never taken them seriously till that night!

I remember with great pleasure sitting on the beach with my buddy Jeff Curto about 2 AM after a Seabreeze Party at Boggios - we must have been 18 or so - and quietly talking while my mother (Jean Foss) and some of her friends giggled and screeched on a sailboat out on the harbor. Jeff and I laughed about the late 40-somethings making so much racket - Eagle Harbor adults know how to have fun just as well as any kids!

Ah yes, and then there are the nights I've sat there, feeling the breeze, looking at the stars, listening to the waves wash up against the shore and feeling both the sense of being found - nowhere on earth am I as content and as whole as in Eagle Harbor - and of being lost - I miss it more than I realize in my far-away day-to-day life and am sometimes overwhelmed by the sense of loss rolling over me...

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