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"The Ultimate Hike and Harbor Moonshine." a family memory by Sue Adams

My great grandfather Harvey was employed at the Isle Royale Mine and one winter walked across the ice and landed at Copper Harbor. My future great grandmother lost three fingers on her hand from frost bite. I can't imagine doing that in the dead of winter. It's a long enough trip on a boat!

He was from Cornwall and went to Canada, Isle Royale and then across the ice. He became a well known baseball player and Cornish wrestler in the Keweenaw. He and my great-grandma had 11 children. Two are buried at the Eagle Harbor cemetary as they died when they were young children of a plague in the area. One of the children was named Castella after a boat that was docked at the harbor. They came around the harbor giving small pox vaccinations and my grandfather George hid under the barn at the house. He was always proud of that story.

Our old house at the harbor used to be a boarding house and my Great G made moonshine in the basement. My mother wouldn't ever talk to me about such a thing but I've done a lot of research.

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