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A Summer Hike To Mt. Baldy -- A Favorite Pastime

Frolicking On The Old Dock

"There are so many things to remember about Eagle Harbor, especially for a person of my age. Many times those memories are associated with certain people and each could be a short story in itself. Eagle Harbor is beautiful, but it's also about the people who enjoy it.

Today, However, I recall the old center dock, with its many passageways that one could swim through, or paddle a canoe through and explore. If you needed a few minutes to reflect, you could find a log on top to lie on, soak up some sun and meditate, or appreciate the solitude of the moment. It was also fun to pick-up one of the "beach" girls and give them a tour of the old dock, to see Paulie Pollard's nice Chris Craft in the old boat house, to see all the swallows' nests and the schools of suckers around the old cribs along with parts of old boats and winches that had fallen off the Railey dock. It wasn't at all inappropriate to find a spot for two to lie in the sun where you could talk, (and so forth....), undisturbed. In later years, the diving tower became an added attraction.

I miss the old dock with all its cribs, pilings, and channels for exploring and all its history." (Fred Kellow)

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