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"George, the Pig" by Barbara (Boorman) Williams

There appears to be some concern about the sidewalks of Eagle Harbor. I do concur that something needs to be done. Possibly a fund raiser during the annual Eagle Harbor Days.

Do you remember the old Rolling Pin Toss contest? What fun that was. Of course I was to young to join in. There was the Greased Pig event also. Boy, if I could only out run those other guys! Again, legs were too short. You see, I had to win. I couldn't let George (Pig) become a pork chop. George spent the week prior to the event at my house. He & I connected! We were buds.

On the Day of the big event I watched as they greased George. At the starting line of the race I made sure I was in the front of the pork chop chasers. The gun went off. It wasn't long before I was behind the pork chop chasers. Unfortunately, for George, I was unable to catch him. Every time I eat a pork chop I think of George!

Sort of got off track, didn't I? Well back to this fund raiser. How about a "Baby Toss" or a "Greased Baby" contest? Ann Boorman Gasperich could head up the group given the fact that she was indeed the winner of the first Annual Baby Toss for the early 60's! Rumors seem to be abundant at this time that the First Annual Baby Toss took place near the Lantz's. This could be true. I personally have had an experience with the uneven sidewalk at this location. If memory serves me correctly it was a successful catch on the part of the accomplice. No damage was done. I know this will disappoint those who feel this would be a good excuse for Ann's present day behavior. Just remember, that Ann is SPECIAL only because Ann chooses to be special!! You know, I wouldn't have her any other way!! THANK GOD FOR GREAT & SPECIAL SISTERS!!!

Aren't memories great!

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