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A Summer Hike To Mt. Baldy -- A Favorite Pastime

The Popeye Run

"I was writing to tell you of one of my favorite events that takes place in Eagle Harbor. I am from Grand Rapids, MI. I come up to the Keweenaw every summer to Gitche Gumee Bible Camp in Eagle River. I have always heard about the Popeye run through the Hoppers and others at the camp who had run in the race. This summer was the first time in which I was up there during the time of the race. I had a lot of fun running in the Popeye run. We had around 9 or 10 of us from the camp running in the race this year. I came in second place in the 5K. I had a great time, and was very excited to finnaly be able to run in the race that I had always heard so much about. I am looking forward to coming up next summer and running in the infamous Popeye run once again. Thanks for putting on such a great event.(Michael Lothamer)

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