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2002 Harbor Pumpkin Art Festival

Fifth Annual Eagle Harbor Inn/Eagle Harbor Store Halloween Pumpkin Art Festival!

The Class of '02 was a spunky bunch, making up in tenacity what they lacked in numbers. The Eagle Harbor Store pumpkin patch was blustry and cold, with light snow swirling about on all but opening night. By Halloween their faces were frost covered. The wind played havoc with the candles, greatly diminishing the "special effects" intended by their creators. Nonetheless, they were the usual awesome sight as they huddled together on the store steps.

The first night was truly special as scores of Harborites gathered to gaze at the pumpkins and attend an in-store reception for our new neighbors and storekeepers, Dick and Colleen Grove. Their was plenty of good conversation and pumpkin pie galore. The Groves will hopefully be our Halloween pumpkin patch hosts for many years. They are excited about the prospect.

Unfortunately there is no class picture this year, nor are there late evening photos. We forgot to ask the power company to douse the pesky street light on the nearby corner, and its phosphorus lamp turned the beautifully glowing pumpkins into green monsters on film. Daytime photos of all the pumpkins are below, but for most their true beauty was when candle lit.

I also forgot (all this forgetting must have something to do with my growing senior status) to gather the names of our pumpkin artists. So, you can help by emailing me the name(s) (both pumpkin and creator)I should associate with each pumpkin's photo. (Want to have some fun? Send in your suggested name for some or all of the 'Unknown' pumpkins. No pumpkin should be relegated to "Unknown: status.)

Two Heads Are Better Than One
Jim & Anne Boggio

Unknown 1

Just Married
Rich Probst & Kelly Bryant

Unknown 2

The Night Before
(Suggested by Max Wakeman)

The Morning After
(Suggested by Max Wakeman

Packer Mania
Paul & Bobbie Freshwater

Unknown 6

Unknown 7

Unknown 8

Unknow 9

Unknown 10

Unknown 11

Unknown 12

Unknown 13

Unknown 14

Unknown 15

George Hite

Eagle Harbor Store
George Hite

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