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A Summer Hike To Mt. Baldy -- A Favorite Pastime

Surfing The Rocks

Who cannot remember the great thrill and excitement of scrambling on the 'Rocks?'

As a kid, traveling to Eagle Harbor every summer with my family would cause us all to break out in a rendition of 'Eagle Harbor here we come, right back where we started from. . .' the minute the Shoreline Inn (aka Jilberts, Koops) came into sight. As soon as the car came to a stop at the cottage, my siblings and I would leap out, throw our suitcases into a bedroom and beg to be excused to climb the rocks. Off we'd race like a herd of deer, past the old store and through the flowered fields to the Lake! There weren't many cottages perched out there in those halcyon days of summer.

We seemed to skim those rocks with nary a trip or tumble, on and on for what seemed like miles. No one wanted to go back because we thought about the treasures we might find washed up on the shore just over the next ridge. There were agates, feathers, colored glass and unusual pieces of driftwood to be dragged back home. Thirty-three years ago I found my treasure on those rocks. . .a 4x2 foot hunk of knarled tree stump. . .and it's still with us to this day. (Marilynn Ehrenreich)

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