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"Silver Island Surprise." by Carol (Johnson) Bogart.

Enjoyed Annie Boorman's escapade story, which parallels many of a lot of ours, I'm sure. What fun! It brought back a fun memory from college days at EH, when a group of us went on our annual jaunt to Silver Island.

We always enjoyed the challenge of docking at the old rickety fisherman's dock and exploring the island, with its tattered fishing net still hanging from the frame. The little shack still had hints that someone occasionally lived there; the odd empty food can or cookpot was stashed in the corner.

This one particular trip our group included me, my sister Gayle and brother, Rick, and Jim Curto and his brother Jeff, I believe. We headed down to the eastern tip of the island to check for agates in the cove, picking our way through the undergrowth and rocks. I can't remember who was in the lead, but I do recall them all of a sudden turning around and heading the other direction. We all had to go investigate to see if what they reported was true...yes, three adults, two men and a woman, were having a lovely time cooking lunch on our intended agate-hunting beach, wearing only a combined total of 2 pairs of shorts and one bandanna, and the bandanna was tying back her ponytail!

We quickly sneaked back to the dock and off the island, not wanting to interrupt their picnic or embarrass them. It did give us a good laugh for many years. Come to find out someone had bought Silver Island, which was hard to imagine in itself...someone buying that island!

Robert (Bob) Taylor of Agate Harbor read this account and sent this message:

Silver Island is owned by Professor Bill Rose who is head of the Geological Engineering Department at Michigan Tech. Bill has told me on several occasions that I should feel free to visit the island any time for any reasonable purpose. I am sure he would tell anyone the same thing. He bought it solely because of its geological features and history. He welcomes all to enjoy it also.

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