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"Storm Day." by Sue Adams

The past few days have reminded me of storm days at the harbor in the late 50's and early 60's. It would be the one time of the summer when we could wear our heavy sweaters, slacks, and rain gear. The first task of the day would be getting up with my grandfather and helping him get a roaring fire going in the kitchen stove and watching the windows steam up. We'd have a hearty oatmeal breakfast and then decide if my sister or I would be first to jump in the shower in the bitter cold back shed. About 10 A.M. Platt & Lee Barber, Kathy and Currie Schmuck would meet Becky and I at the house and we would walk to Grand Marais. There were always heavy swells at the range lights and usually a boat or two that had broken their moorings and come ashore. Along the road to Grand Marais we would pick up Bill and Judy Ewart. We would spend hours above the garage of the big house at G.M. playing "Garbage" a card game that we concocted ourselves. It was so peaceful hearing the rain on the roof and smelling the fur trees outside. We would usually go to the boy's or girl's shack for lunch and then take off on another "mission". Many times we would drive in the old red jeep up to the stamp sands or Lost Lake. I really don't know how we all crammed ourselves in that jeep but that was half the fun of it. Rick Catoni was always the driver. The whole day was gone before you knew it and that's how every day was in those days. We did something every day rain or shine with our group and over the years the group grew to include more of the harbor kids. The day would usually end at one of the houses with a game of Parcheesi or Monopoly in front of a roaring fire, marshmallows, and then home to bed. I never slept better in my life than a "Storm Day" at the harbor!

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