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The Cornish Tofu

Message from Dick Van Pelt to Harbor Web Editor:

"Am planning to do some serious pasty testing. I wonder where I can find some Cornish tofu for one vegetarian version (not mine)."

Message from Editor (always the "straight", usually unknowingly ) to Jean Ellis, resident Cornish guardian and resource:

"What is "Cornish tofu"?""

Jean to Editor:

"Beats the heck out of me. I can put the question out to the Cornish cousins if you'd like."

Editor to Jean:

":Webster says a tofu is a "bean curd". Sounds Cornish."

Jean to Editor:

"Careful, there. Is that an ethnic slur? After your suggestion that there be carrots in pasties, I think you should be very careful. The piskies could be listening."

Editor to Dick:

"A "Cornish tofu" has my neighbor Cornish lady stumped. We know tofu is a bean curd but what's the Cornish connection? She is checking with friends."

Dick to Editor:

"Well, of course there is probably no Cornish tofu, but if I'm going to use it for a little meatless protein boost for the family vegetarian, I need to make up some kind of story to connect the pseudo-pasty with its Cornish roots. I'll work on it."

Editor to Jean with copy of Dick's message:

"This explains the "tofu". More Cornish imagination than substance. No ethnic slur intended. Call off the pixies!"

Jean to Editor:

"Piskies, George, piskies. Sounds kind of scatalogical, doesn't it? My guess is that we should feed the tofu to the Cornish choughs (these are crow-like birds that are the Cornish symbol but are no longer found in Cornwall--maybe they're out searching for the tofu. Or maybe they didn't like the tofu and are looking for something else."

Let's see what "kind of story" Dick comes up with. Stay tuned.

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