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Winter Storm Approaches

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The Week Of March 23rd


The bright blue of the day's sky was darkening in the east as the lady made her arrival. She was never more radiant. A slight blush quickly left the fullness of her face as she rose majestically among awakening stars. An arrival seemingly intended to divert earthling attention from the comet phenomena on the western horizon. She strode towards her zenith, the intensity of her whiteness ever increasing in the thinning and darkening sky. Then the show ... the Grand Waltz. A metamorphosis. A grayness crept across her Mona Lisa like cameo until only a remnant of her white beauty remained on her brow. A guardian, Mars, stood steadfastly at her right shoulder as, in a moment of celestrial climax, the unflattering gray was magically transformed to a lusty deep copper. She held me transfixed for a brief moment, then slowly shed the garments of eclipse, restoring the full whiteness of her pre-zenith. I retired, arising in early dawn to relish the sight of the comet phenom ... finding instead a sky still bright with the intense light of the still present grand lady of the night.


An uncertain day. The blue sky and warmth of the weekend grudgingly yields as a backing wind portends an unsettled tomorrow. The crows and ravens are restless. Snow mice scurry about, wary of unseen predators. I prepare to leave ... equally unsettled, restless and wary.


A beautiful light snow sends me on my way. All is bright ... and good. Snow shoes are once again adorning the fireplace wall. Cross country skis tucked in their summer nook. Will two weeks of ascending sun zenith make such a difference? We'll see!





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