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Good Neighbors

Thanks to these neighbors for doing something "really nice".

Good Neighbors is an opportunity to thank men and women in our town whose act of kindness to a neighbor or service to our community serves as example and inspiration to all of us. If you know of such examples of being a "Good Neighbor" please let me know about it so that we might convey a public "pat-on-the-back" and thanks.

Eugene and Pegg Johnson Help a Neighbor In Need (11/09/093)

(Click to enlarge.) Our friend and neighbor Dail Willoughby probably has more leaves falling on his property than anyone in town, thanks to several big maples that grace his Harbor home. He's also battling cancer and simply not yet sufficiently strong to rake up the abundant leaves in preparation for winter.

So what do good neighbors Eugene and Pegg Johnson do? While Dail's in Marquette to visit his docs, the Johnsons arrive on the scene with rakes, leaf bags and a hual trailer and give Dail a much welcomed and much appreciated hand. Before Dail returns, the yard is leaf free!

Isn't it great that we have neighbors that thoughtful! A hardy "thank you" to Eugene and Pegg for their "Good Neighbor" deed.

U.S. Coast Guard Helps To Keep A Harbor Holiday Tradition Alive a report by Paul Freshwater (12/03)

(Click to enlerge.)Amidst the many beautiful holiday decorations which adorn Eagle Harbor, it just wouldn't seem like the holiday season without the large lighted star perched high on the village side of our lighthouse tower. But putting it there this season posed a special challenge.

The only way to access the tower catwalk where the star hangs is through the lens room. This spring it became necessary to replace the red and white beacons there which had operated continuously for 35 years following removal of the original fourth-order Fresnel lens. The Coast Guard installed new, larger beacons made by Carlysle & Finch in Cincinnati. The new beacons look like the old ones to ships at sea. But inside the lens room there is now no room to maneuver when the beacons are rotating, and there is no device to stop the rotation if someone gets in the way. It appeared that the traditional holiday star was to be no more.

However, responding to a request of the Keweenaw County Historical Society, which owns the light station as a museum, Coast Guardsmen from Station Portage in Dollar Bay made a special trip to temporarily turn off the light and help local volunteers to hoist the six-foot star into place.

Through this fine partnership, the uplifting holiday star again shines over the harbor to brighten our long Keweenaw nights.

Special thanks to Paul for this kudo (and project orchestration), to local Good Neighbors Mike Braman and Tom G. Ellis (both also repaired and relamped the star); and, to Coast Guardsmen EM3 Sean Grant and DC3 William Wenzel.

The Willoughby Good Neighbors (4/20/03)

On Easter Eve, good neighbor Colleen Grove, our new Eagle Harbor storekeeper, baked and delivered a traditional Easter Hungarian meal for our convalescing neighbors Keith and Mid Willoughby. Colleen was just one of many who have provided much appreciated evening meals over the last few weeks for Keith and Mid as they regain their strength. Our Good Neighbor meal providers also included Jean Ellis, Barb Been, Ann Johnson, Ginny Schubert, Cathy Wright, Charlotte Catoni, and Barb Wachowski. A BIG Thank You to all of them for this very special care. A special nod also to another Good Neighbor, Joe Monroe, who kept the Willoughby's drive snow free during our last big snow, and to Rick Finke, constantly attentive to the Willoughby's every need. All truly Good Neighbors!

Harbor Good Neighbor Woodchoppers Aid Barb and Don Koop (1/18/03)

Don Koop remains in therapy at a Hancock facility, unable to tend to the outdoor wood burning furnace that he and Barb use as the primary heat source for their Eagle Harbor home. Before his accident last fall, Don had ten full cords of eight foot logs delivered to his home. (That's the load you see on the big log hauling trucks that travel our roads.) He cuts these massive logs into two foot lengths for furnace feed. The larger diameter cuts, say over 18", need to be split before they can be lifted into the furnace. The task of sawing, splitting, stacking and feeding is immense, much more than Barb, as sturdy as she is, can handle in Don's absence.

Last Friday morning, as temperatures hovered in the mid-teens, almost two dozen of Don and Barb's neighbors arrived with chain saws, snow scoops (for moving the cut logs), and strong arms to tackle the massive log pile. Organized by Don's fellow volunteer fireman, the crew, most over 60 in age, worked like busy beavers for about three hours to transform about two-thirds of the year's supply of logs into a massive, neatly stacked, pile of cut and mostly split (so Barb can handle them) furnace firewood. Barb graciously supplied hot coffee and delicious treats for the woodchoppers. We were all a bit tired as the last log was lifted onto the pile, but Barb's rewarding smile was more than ample compensation.

A BIG Thank You to chain saw wizards Bruce Olson, Doug Schubert, Jake Anderson, Tom Ellis, and Mike Radigan; to log splitters Rick Finke, Bob Black and Mike Braman; and to the hauling, stacking and kibbitzer crew members Dick Lantz, Bruce LeBlanc, Bob Masnado, Frank Carlton, Mike Hohner, and George Hite.

Good Neighbors All!!

Volunteer Firemen and Neighbors of Ivan Fisher (6/01)

Once again our volunteer firemen and others in our community have come to the aid of a neighbor. When they learned that Ivan Fisher was undergoing surgery on his feet and will need a wheel chair for some time, they constructed a ramp into his Fifth Street home. Several Harbor neighbors of Ivan contributed to the cost of the lumber. As evidenced by the photo, there was an abundance of ideas as to how best construct the ramp, and no shortage of willing hands. The day was warm with no breeze - assuring the presence of a swarm of black flies. Thanks from all of us to our Good Neighbors Mike Radigan, Bob Masnado, Bruce Olson, Wayne Sickler, John Clarkson, Don Koop, Don Keith, Doug Schubert, Vern Robinson,and Ed Stoneman. And thanks to our Volunteer Fire Department for organizing this project. (Photos can be enlarged.)

Doug and Ginny Schubert, Fritz Kesanen (5/01

Last Fall, a vehicle stuck the century and one-half old wrought iron entry sign at Pine Grove cemetery, knocking it down and causing major damage. Thanks to the skill and many days of loving care of Good Neighbors Doug and Ginny Schubert, the sign has been fully restored to it's original glory, and with the help of another Harbor Good Neighbor and contractor, Fritz Kesanen and his crew, re-installed at the cemetry in time for our Memorial Day ceremony. Ginny and Doug are at the left in the picture (click to enlarge), with Fritz and his crew alongside and new Pine Grove Cemetery Sexton Mike Braman on the right. The repair included completely disassembling the sign, including removal of the iron letters, sand blasting, priming, painting and reassembly. This was truly a Good Neighbor effort that all of us with family buried at Pine Grove are most thankful for.

Lissa & Tracy Clevenger, Barb & Don Koop, and, Jack Hartmann. By Jim Wachowski (11/00)

Barb, Tom, Kim and I would like to extend a warm "Good Neighbor" Thank You to Lissa & Tracy Clevenger, Barb & Don Koop and Jack Hartmann. Lissa has helped Barb and I time and time again over the past summer with lodging arrangements for us, friends and relatives, meals for the building crew and numerous other kind favors. Tracy helped us learn about harbor watercraft with Kayak and Paddleboat training & maintenance. Anyhow, we really appreciate all the nice things that Lissa and Tracy did for us over the summer. Couldn't have built the house without them. Thanks, you guys!

We would also like to extend a warm "Good Neighbor" Thank You to Barb and Don Koop. Barb kept us "tuned-in" to progress on the house with digital photographs sent to us via E-mail. This was great - since we could not always be there to see what was going on. Special thanks also to Don Koop for his effort to keep the grass cut even when (at times) it was almost impossible to get the mower back into the yard. You're the best!

We would also like to thank Jack Hartman for the excellent Welcome Party at his beautiful home in August. Many harborites attended, socialized and shared stories. This was a fun evening for Barb, our son Tom and I as we got to meet even more new people. Thank You Jack.

It's been a fantastic experience for our family building our dream home in Eagle Harbor. We are blessed to have an outstanding builder, a beautiful location and most importantly plenty of super nice folks as friends & neighbors. Everyone has been so nice to us - we want to thank everyone in Eagle Harbor (and Cat Harbor too).

The Adams Family Thanks Rescuers Dick Lantz and Jim Boggio(07/00)

"Hello, we discovered your website and would like to add a story to your good neighbors column. My husband Don Adams and I set out for a relaxing week vacation in the beautiful UP. It was our first get away without children in almost 21 years. We decided to come back and visit Copper Country. We had visited the area 20 years before when our oldest child was 9 months old. We were curious to see how many changes in the area.

After spending June 13, in the area exploring Copper Harbor and the Fort we decided to find a spot for supper and we ended up at the Fitzgerald Restaurant in Eagle River. We sat down and ordered supper enjoying the beautiful view. As we were dining we noticed a father and his 3 young sons headed out in Lake Superior in a canoe. I commented to my husband how odd it was the the wind was blowing the water out away from the shore. After finishing dinner we decided the Inn looked like a quiet place to stay and proceeded to check in. We carried suitcases upstairs and grabbed the camera hoping to catch a sunset picture.

We walked down the beach away from the restaurant and came upon the Gitchee Gumee Bible Camp. Just then my husband was flagged down by a man on the beach telling us that there was a family in trouble out in the lake in a canoe. He asked if Don would go with him to try and bring the family in. As they headed farther out they realized that they maybe in trouble also. Someone from the restaurant called some of the local folks to come to assist. The two men reached the family and tried to bring them to shore. With lots of troubles along the way all six ended up in the very cold water of Lake Superior. As they were trying to remain optimistic they saw a beautiful boat approaching the area. It was a couple of your neighbors coming to the rescue.

We would like to take this opportunity to say a BIG THANK YOU to Jim Boggio and Dick Lantz. Without their assistance I am sure we would have a very upsetting end to our week away. With their help they rescued the family and the two would be rescuers.

As I stood on shore watching as much as I could through binoculars, I didn't realize the seriousness of the situation. It was when my husband was delivered back to me at the sheriff post that I learned the extent of the rescue mission. We sure are glad that the locals gather around and give a hand to those in need. You two will always have a special spot in our hearts and somehow thank just doesn't say enough. I tell you if I ever need a couple of Knights in Shining Armour, I know where to call. Thank you to all the folks in Eagle Harbor who came to our assistance. You are a great bunch of folks and we hope someday soon to head back in your direction. You certainly do live in God's Country."

Karen and Don Adams
Portland, Michigan

The Eliza/Dunes-Marsh Grant Crew (01/00)

The recent announcement that the Michigan Natural Resources Board had recommended legislative approval of nearly $500,000 to fund the acquisition of lands mear lakes Eliza and Long for conservation and recreation is indeed good news for all Harborites.

The news is especially welcomed by the dedicated crew of volunteers who developed and supported the Township's grant proposal. The leader of the effort, of course, is Supervisor Jim Boggio, our persistent and persuasive grant "sales person". Jim is receiving a lot of richly deserved credit for his role ( for which he has asked me to "web thank" all who emailed him), but is quick to point out that the real work was done by the unsung heros and heroines who gave many hours of their time and talent.

Not the least of these good Neighbors is Dick Lantz, who two finger pecked away for days filling in the grant application forms with data and telling "need" argument. Township Trustee Jeane Olson and Deputy Treasurer Ann Johnson each went way beyond their call to duty in getting the volumes of grant paperwork and supporting documentaion organized and submitted. Jim Rooks, our Copper Harbor Good Neighbor, prepared the Dunes/Marsh Ecological Assessment that all agree was likely the "key" to Resource Board receptivity to our proposal. Good Neighbors John Wakeman and Neil Harri fleshed out the proposal narrative with some of their terrific photos of the area. And, what could we have accomplished without the guidance and assistance of our own Cassie (Carlton) Wilson and her husband Bob Wilson? Stationed in Lansing and with careers in state resource management, they "knew the ropes" and made sure our proposal was tuned and presented in a manner that best assured its success. They continue to serve as our "eyes and ears" as the proposal works it's way through the legislature and state bureaucracy.

Indeed, there remain a number of significant challenges before Resource Board recommendation converts to public ownership. Supervisor Jim appropriately points out that issues of land value, agreements on land use, and how the 157 acre parcel acquired through the grant can be associated with the remaining almost 500 acres that constitute the Dunes/Marshes area, are likley to take months, if not years, to resolve.

Nonetheless, the approval by the State Natural Resources Board is a very significant accomplishment - an achievement that few thought possible. Thanks to the good work of these Good Neighbors, and the support the proposal garnered from many other Keweenaw individuals and organizations, the prospect of generations of Harborites having access to some of the best outdoor recreation and most unique natural resource areas in Keweenaw is considerably brighter. A BIG "Thank You" to all!

Rich Probst & Kelly Bryant - (with Abby's friend, Tazo) (01/00)
Click to Enlarge

Where's the Zamboni? That's the question posed by some when they marvel at Eagle Harbor's wonderful little skating/broomball rink in the ball park. Well, Rich and Kelly are our "Zambonies" Some old timers chuckled when Rich showed up at a township board meeting and asked permission to build a rink. Few expected it could be done, but Rich and Kelly went to work. After hours of snow shoveling and spraying water in very cold weather, Eagle Harbor had an ice rink. A holiday thaw almost melted away their good work, but undismayed, Rich and Kelly went back to work when the cold returned. Harbor holiday visitors were amazed and delighted. A New Year's eve broomball game was just the right "Eagle Harbor touch" for welcoming the new century. Great job Rich and Kelly, and many thanks from all, including we "chucklers"

Phil Medlyn, Marilynn Ehrenreich, & Bruce Olson.(7/99)

Eagle Harbor was once a thriving commercial fishing port. Now, thanks in large measure to Good Neighbors Phil, Marilynn and Bruce, our Eagle Harbor Light Station bosts an extremely interesting exhibit celebrating this important part of Keweenaw history. Phil was the "working foreman", Marilynn the designer, and Bruce the installer. Together, they volunteered hundreds of hours of their talents to the project over several months. Be sure to include a stop at the exhibit on your next visit to the Light Station, and be sure to say "Thanks" to our Harbor Good Neighbors.

Bruce Wagner, Bruce Mitchell & Jay Mitchell - And All Our Volunteer Firefighters. (5/99)

Would you be willing to travel from the Harbor area to Lake Linden two evenings a week from early December to late April for three hours of arduous fire fighting training, plus spend several Sunday afternoons trying out your new skills - all so you will be able to volunteer your time to help out a neighbor whose property is in fire jeporady? Well, Bruce, Jay and Bruce did just that, and in the process earned state certification as qualified firefighters. Congratulations and thanks to these three Township residents living in theGratiot Lake area.

Our three volunteers now join ten other Harborites who have earned state certification as volunteer firefighters. Our thanks also to these men: Chief Mike Radigan, Bruce Olson, Ed Stoneman, Jake Anderson, Don Keith, Doug Harrer, Dave Mitchell, Joe Monroe, Don Koop, and John Clarkson. Our Volunteer Fire Department active roster also includes good neighbors Mike Gibbs, Vern Robinson, Bob Masnado, Bob Taylor, Fritz Kesanen, and Wayne Sickler - all highly skilled firefighters who regularily participate in the department's monthly training sessions.

Our Volunteer Fire Department now numbers 19 active members, the most ever. Our thanks to all these men for their extraordinary "Good Neighbor" service to our little community.

Jim Boggio, Wayne Sickler, and Fred Kellow. Three guys who are always doing something good for our little town. (1/99)

Jim Boggio.Yes, Jim always has a treat for Abby. He stops by my place most mornings to see that everyting is OK and plow out a space for my van. Mine is just one of several places Jim visits almost every day to give a hand with the plowing, check for snow overloading on roofs, assure that vacant cottages are secure, and share a friendly hello or wave with winter bound Harborites. What a guy! Thanks Jim.

Wayne Sickler. Eagle Harbor's "Santa Wayne" has been delighting kids and adults for several years at our holiday get-togethers. He has even been known to squeeze down a chimney or two to enliven Christmas family gatherings. Wayne is no "seasonal" Santa - he's a big Harbor helper year around. Just as friendly "out-of-the-suit" as in it. Thanks, Wayne.

Fred Kellow.The Harbor's sartorial trend defier, Fred, is probably involved in more "good neighbor" endeavors than anyone else in town. Here caught in the act of traffic marshalling the July 4th parade, Fred also arranges our summer community potlucks, makes terrific looking posters for community events, gets the beach raft in for the kids, is the key guy in keeping St. Peter's Church going - and on and on. You can count on Fred! Thanks, Fred.
Whoops! That's not a picture of Fred. It's Tom Hruby, long time official parade traffic marshall. The outrageous garb made me think it was Fred. Thanks to Tom too.

Mike Wakeman, John & Nancy Clarkson, Carol & Charles Bogart, Anne & Clarence Bach, Kathy, Duncan, Josh and Nate Wyeth, Nancy & John Wakeman, Marilyn Marshall, and Peter & Patricia Van Pelt.(1/98)

The holidays are not an easy time for a lot of our neighbors. Some are alone and others are homebound with ailing family members. Thanks to several Harbor Good Neighbors, some of these folks had a bright spot in their holiday. Mike Wakeman once again cooked and ran the kitchen at the Little Brothers, Friends of the Elderly sponsored Christmas dinner at Sacred Heart Church, a volunteer service he has provided for several years while attending Tech. Joining Mike this year were Mike's parents John and Nancy; his sister Kathy and Duncan, Josh and Nate Wyeth; Anne and Clarence Bach; Carol Bogart and her Charles; and John and Nancy Clarkson. Mike has accepted a job in Ohio and is training the Clarkson's who have offered to tke over the kitchen duties. Marilyn Marshall assisted Little Brothers at a similiar event in Copper City. Peter and Patricia Van Pelt, knowing that a neighboring family was busy caring for an ill member, prepared and packed a full Thankgiving turkey dinner, carried it to their neighbor's home and shared it with them. We are all thankful that so many of our neighbors are so caring for others, especially during the busy holiday season. Thanks to all of you.

Mike Hohner.

The beach people have retreated to fireside or warmer climes, the ballpark is quiet. It's time to retrive the nine Township trash barrels and tuck them away for the winter. Good Neighbor volunteers have collected and carried their content to the compactor all summer long. This last collection and barrel transport is the toughest. Yesterday they disappeared. No "public works" types around...we don't have, or need, such tax supported help. What we do have are people like Mike Horner. Mike just knew it needed to be done...and did it. Barry Bogart also recently caught Mike doing another good deed. "On Tuesday morning due to the unusual weather, Eliza Creek was sealed off from the harbor by sand and good ole Mike Hohner again was down there knee-deep in sand with his shovel making sure houses upstream stayed out of the flow." Thanks Mike!

Wayne & Barb Sickler, Gloria Jackson.

At the August Township meeting, Supervisor Jim Boggio and the Board extended some well deserved thanks to some neighbors for volunteer contributions not previously recognized on our Website. Wayne, whose name is often associated with Good Neighbor endeavors, gets our thanks for installing the new playground equipment at the ballpark. Barb, our illustrious "recreation committee" chair,and principal advocate for the ball park children's play area, was cited for her leadership in our big and very successful 4th of July celebration. If you have wondered who to thank for planting and maintaining the beautiful flowers in the Eagle Harbor Square Boat near the fire station, please give Good Neighbor Gloria Jackson a call. The board also took note of Phil and Jan Medlyn's gorgeous planting bed near the Rathbone Memorial.

Central Location Work Crew

Thanks to the Keweenaw County Historical Society and its supporters, about 38 acres and several historic miner homes have been purchased for preservation and restoration. Most of the buildings "need a little work". On September 11th, several Harbor "Good Neighbors" joined members of the Society in a work party that fixed the structure and grounds of two of the homes. A big Eagle Harbor "Thank You" to neighbors David and Jeannine Jordon, Peter Van Pelt, Jim Boggio, Phil and Jan Medlyn, and Jean Ellis. Workers were treated to a cornish pasty dinner at Central Church after the work session. Watch for future opportunities to join the fun.

Phil and Jan Medlyn, Tottie Catoni ... Village Flower Tenders

If you have driven by the Rathbone Memorial lately or the grounds of our community church, St. Peter by the Sea, you have noticed some beautiful flower gardens. Phil and Jan planted the Rathbone garden and Tottie is the long time tender of the flowers at St Peters. All of us are indebted to Phil, Jan and Tottie for such generous and devoted contributions to the beauty of Eagle Harbor. Extend a nice "Thank You" the next time you see them.

Memorial Day Ceremony Committee

About one hundred Harborites particiapated in our 10 A.M. Memorial Day ceremony at Pine Grove on Monday, May 26th. Participants assisted in placing flags on the graves of the many military veterans, had an opportunity to name a relative or friend they wished to have remembered on this special day, and joined in a short memorial service. Our special thanks to event chairperson and ceremony leader Helen Knight; to Fred Kellow for the poem he wrote and read for the occasion, to Neil Harri for his reminder of the value of the military service to our national security; to Dick Lantz for reading the roll of servicemen buried at Pine Grove; to Don Keith for all the special arrangements necessary for the success of any such endeavor; to Dennis Royce for the care and parade of our National Colors; and, to Patti Keith for the moving rendition of "Amazing Grace" on her bagpipes as the ceremony ended. All present agreed it was perhaps our best ever Memorial Day event...made even more pleasant by the absence of the customary black flies. Good neighbors all!

Dennis Royce

"I would like to add someone to the good, no good won't express it, has to be great neighbor list. Dennis Royce is a neighbor of my parents, the LaMotte's, and he can be counted on to visit them every day!!!!! I don't know many people that are that reliable (or hungry!!)." Carol Kowalewski

The Cemetery Clean-Up Crew

Each spring, under the able direction and encouragement of Sexton Don Keith, Harbor volunteers journey to Pine Grove cemetery for the annual "before the bugs arrive" clean-up of the cemetery grounds. Downed tree limbs, branches and other debris that have accululated over the long winter are picked up and carted away. This year, four or five truck loads were the product of a couple of hours of good work and good comradery. A big Eagle Harbor "Thank You" to volunteers and good neighbors Bob and Joan Taylor, Jeane and Bruce Olson, Mary K and Bob Masnado, Dennis Royce and George Hite.

Vern Robinson, Mike Radigan, Wayne Sickler

Thanks to this trio of men, all of us on the Township water system can rest assured that the spigots and hydrants will continue to flow if a problem develops in the syatem. Each serves as a trained volunteer backup to Don Keith, our one man water department. The Township's new wells and pump station require constant monitoring and immediate response if a problem is detected by the automatic alarm system. If Don is not home to answer the alarm, the system immediately calls Vern and if necessary then Wayne and finally Mike -- and keeps calling the rotation until someone responds. So how about a "toast", water of course, to our "volunteer water department".

Don Keith, Joe Monroe & Bob Black

The last quarter mile down the hill and into the Harbor is always a delight for eye and soul. No less so in winter. The white landscape with the red lighthouse is set against the blue lake out beyond the ice. At night the sweep of the lighthouse beam dominates the twinkles of light from the few occupied cottages. December's long nights are extra special. A giant lighted star is affixed atop lighthouse. It shines brightly across the village. For this very special 1997 addition to Christmas at Eagle Harbor we are indebted to our "star keepers" Bob Black, who refurbished and relighted the star to make it brighter than ever, and the team of Don Keith and Joe Monroe, who battled some nasty winter weather to install it. Thanks to this trio of Good Neighbors from all of us who celebrated Christmas at the Harbor.

Don Koop

A couple of very frightened area teenagers are stuck in deep snow on the Cemetery Road. Good Neighbor Don gathers several lenghts of chain and rope and after a long struggle, pulls the car free as darkness falls. Cross-country skier Carol Bogart encountered this heartwarming scene and assisted in the effort. A kudo to Don Koop for this act of kindness -- something he does so often!

Cross-Country Ski Trail Volunteers

Jon Davis, who deserves the major credit for the existence and condition of the splendid Eagle Harbor cross-country ski trail writes,"I hope you will give major Good Neighbor kudos to Bruce (Olson), John(Clarkson), and youself for all the work you guys do on the ski trail. It's so great to be part of a town where everyone gets into the act and helps." Jeane Olson, the champion trail bushwhacker, also has earned the thanks of all who enjoy this trail.

Mary and Dick Probst

Kids were the big winners as Mary and Dick hosted nearly a hundred friends at their Eagle Harbor Inn in mid December. Everyone was encouraged to bring a toy for the local Salvation Army's Christmas toy drive. A wonderful evening for a great cause. Thanks to our gracious and generous hosts!

Dennis Royce

You probably saw his little notice."If anyone needs a ride to the polling place on election day, give me a call." That's so typical of Dennis -- always ready to help a neighbor when he can. His special service to a neighbor recovering from surgery also deserves note. Thanks Dennis!

Wayne Sickler, John and Nancy Clarkson, Don Keith.

Don Keith had his hands full. Trash left outside the compactor at the waste facility was being scattered about by strong November winds. Try as he might, his efforts to keep the site in its usual good condition were to little avail. Hearing of Don's dilemma, Wayne, John and Nancy quickly drove to the site to lend a hand. Soon all was in order. A "pat-on-the-back" to all of them for this service to our community.

Volunteer Fire Department

Several members of our volunteer fire department spent an evening cutting, splitting and stacking wood for a neighbor unable to ready for the upcoming winter due to an illness. An extra special act of kindness from a group that already gives so much to our town.

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