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Fall - Winter, 2009-2010

When I opened the "electronic mailbox" I found:

Let The Record Show..... (Hoser, 04/12)

... that 'The Lurkers' (nice term by the way - apropos) would rather read your unvetted storytelling - rich in it's appreciation of The Harbor environs and reverence of those who've come before you - than the prose of any Pulitzer Prize-winning big-city rubbish. Furthermore your photo journalism is absolutely outstanding when compared to the lesser works of the stoic 'professionals' who win these political prizes of which you speak. Though, given that we wouldn't want your head to become disproportionately large, it should be noted that your own colorful texture and your subject matter are likely what outweigh their journalistic gravitas.

Summer of 1953 ( John Massoglia, 01/31)

I have enjoyed the Eagle Harbor web site. The winter pictures are nice and clear. It was the summer of 1953 that I worked at Jilberts Standard Gas station.Thats the year Tom built the motel. I met alot of fine people at the harbor . The Forestors and I would attend Church at Copper Harbor The Lady of the Pines. Being from the town of Laurium, it's nice to read about the people and events. Say hello to Fritz & Carolyn Kessan[classmate],Jim Biggo,Bill Jacka,Wm & Gloria Jackson{classmate] and Mary Kay Masnado [classmate]. Keep up the good work,

The Sun Did Shine (Doug & Carol Slowik. 01/10)

- You must have turned your back for the five minutes it shone at about 9:30. Even without much snow, the ski trails are still in good shape (was out grooming earlier). This and your last quip (EHX) show that cabin-fever certainly hasn't affected your sense of humor. The NOAA photo is nothing short of excellent. Now, if only we could get that LES machine re-cranked. Hope the pie was good.

The Scoop On The Lighthouse Light (Paul Freswater. 11/11)

- FYI, some Eagle Harbor residents have observed that the light is not illuminated during daylight hours. This is a system recently installed by the Coast Guard whereby the beacons rotate continuously but as a cost-saving measure are illuminated only when it gets dark outside due to fog, storm or nightfall. During most daylight hours, the white (north) wall of the lighthouse is what ships at sea see as the Eagle Harbor Lighthouse "characteristic."

Editor. Understandable, but the Historical Society will no longer be able to have Eagle harbor lighthouse visitors visually observe the Eagle Harbor light characteristic (the red/white flashes, seperated by 10 sec) and explain how each lighthouse on the lake has its unique characteristic. The white lake facing wall is not a unique characteristic - many have this feature. As an aside, I vouch for the value of the light during daylight. When far out on the lake I can spot the white flash against the dark shoreline long before the white tower becomes visable. No big deal for commercial craft, but very helpful to recreational boaters.

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