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Helping Out

"It's so great to be part of a town where everyone gets into the act and helps."
June 7, 1999
The quote in this page's title block is from one of this town's "best helpers". It nicely sums up the essence of Eagle Harbor -- a place where people derive real joy from helping each other and their community. "Helping out" is a way of life here.

This page of "George's Eagle Harbor Web" is a place for individuals and organizations needing assistance on a community project to tell us how we can give them a helping hand. If you or your group need assistance, let me know (Email to George)and your need will be posted here.

4th of July Celebration

Some say that the 4th of July weekend IS summer at Eagle Harbor. It certainly is the highlight of summer for many. A grand time of family fun,a real small town parade, and games and food galore.

It works because every year some of our friends and neighbors step forward to get the three days of events organized, prepare and serve the food for the big picnic in the park, raise the money needed to make it all happen, orchestrate the big parade, manage the Popeye Run, etc. As you might imagine, it takes a lot of "helpers" to assure that everyone has a good time. Please let the following neighbors know that you want to help out!

General Chairperson. Barb Sickler 289-4471
Fund Raising Chair. Nancy Wakeman 289-4818
Food Chair. Mary Beyers 289-4806
Parade Chair. Anne Boggio 289-4480
Popeye Run Chair. Bill & Judy Smith 289-4844

Lighthouse Keepers

The Keweenaw County Historical Society needs volunteers to serve as Keepers (hosts) at the Lighthouse throughout the summer. Hosts open and close the buildings, welcome visitors, give tours, provide information about other local historical locations (Rathbone School, Phoenix Church, Central Mine Community, etc.), collect admission fees and serve as "Good Ambassadors" for Eagle Harbor. Information manuals and training are provided.

Hosts generally work in pairs (wonderful volunteer opportunity for couples) for three-and-one-half hours, usually once a week or every other week. There are two "shifts" each day of the week: the first from 10:00 a.m. to 1:30 p.m., the second from 1:30 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. The Lighthouse complex opens on June 15th, and closes October 5th.Hosts are needed for all or portions of the season.

(I had the opportunity to serve as a Lighthouse Host the last few summers. It was great fun! I met and had the opportunity to chat with people, including many family groups, from all over the world. Several visitors had stories to tell of their family's involvement in Copper Country history, while others were lighthouse buffs truly appreciative of the work the Society and its volunteers are doing to maintain the Eagle Harbor Light. I learned a lot about our area and the Lighthouse Service. It's very gratifying volunteer service. Don't miss this opportunity.)

This is an excellent way for you to "get into the act and help", learn a lot, and have some fun.

To help, or for more information, contact David or Jeannine Jordan. (See Eagle Mail) Either give them a call OR E-mail George Hite George and I'll pass the word. Assure your choice of weeks, days and times. Call now!

St Peters Flower Gardeners

Have you ever marveled at the beautiful flower garden that graces St. Peters By The Sea Community Church? Tottie Catoni deserves most of the credit for planting and maintaining this garden. If you love flowers and gardening, you can appreciate the devotion required to maintain a garden of this size. Why not apply your own green thumb skills and your gardening interests and give Tottie a hand for a few hours this spring or summer? A nice Good Neighbor opportunity for someone who enjoys gardening. She will appreciate your call...289-4657.


It's probably not the most glamorous opportunity to "Help Out", but certainly one of the most needed and appreciated. The task - pick up the trash deposited in one or more of the town's "red, white & blue" trash barrels and deliver it to the dump (whoops! - it's now the Solid Waste Facility - Sorry, Ann). One trip a week is usually all that's needed. The Township provides the bags.

The program, Adopt-A-Barrel, started a few years ago and orchestrated by Good Neighbor Carol Bogart, has been a major part of keeping Eagle Harbor trash free - a plus for visitor and resident alike. It also saves the Township, us, money. It's a great "Help Out" opportunity for people who are here for just a short vacation.

Either phone the Township, (906) 289-4407, or E-mail me George and we'll add your name to the sign-up chart. The chart will be posted at the Township Hall. Better hurry - the "best weeks" go quickly!

Next summer's sign up chart will be posted in May.

Eagle Harbor Schoolhouse Restoration

Work has started on the restoration of this important Eagle Harbor landmark. (See Township News for additional information.) Word is that those who contribute $100 or more will have the privilege of being one of this summer's every evening "School House Bell Ringers". Wouldn't this make a great gift for a child or grandchild! Contributions should be made to Eagle Harbor Township, marked Schoolhouse Fund, and mailed to the Township at HC-1 Box 263, 49950.

Central Location Preservation

Our Keweenaw County Historical Society (which also operates the Harbor Lighthouse Exhibits) recently purchased 38 acres and several structures, including the church, at the Central Mine location to assure the preservation of this important piece of Keweenaw and Harbor history. The Society is restoring some of the structures as living exhibits of the life and times of the hardy miners and their families. Contributions are desperately needed to repay the purchase loan and continue the restoration. For a copy of the Society's Central brochure, send your address to George. Contributions should be made to the Society, marked Central Fund, and mailed to HC-1, Box 265L, Eagle Harbor 49950.

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