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Editor Muses On The Purpose and Potential of George's Eagle Harbor Web

November, 1996


Well, step one is accomplished.

George's Eagle Harbor Web is at long last on the Web. Not complete, not very fancy, no exciting graphics, probably not readable on some PCs, but at least after weeks of contemplation and preparation, it's here. It will get better, especially with your help.

When I mention that I'm busy putting together an Eagle Harbor Web page, people smile. Not a smile of pleasant anticipation. More like the smile one receives when embarking on any seemingly impossible, unproductive, unneeded, possibly risky, self-entertaining endeavor. Reminds me of the smile I see when I mention I might run another marathon. "Get real George! There are more moose in Keweenaw than Eagle Harbor cybernuts like you. You'll be talking to yourself. Anyway, if folks in the big cities stumble onto your page, the secret will be out. The beach will be like Coney Island."

You do pause at such prospects. There are,however, at least two of us who who enjoy both Eagle Harbor and the Web (you're reading this aren't you?), and probably more, but it is true that our number is small. Anything posted here would probably be more widely read if tacked on the Popeye Rock. But, my cybernet friend, as Internet access becomes easier (and less expensive), and the the wonders of living on the net become more widely known, our "Internet Beach" will be like Coney Island. By then, George's Eagle Harbor Web should be up-to-speed and ready to serve.

"To Serve", that's the whole idea. Other Web sites set forth the natural, cultural and historic wonders of this special place for all to see. This site is designed to respond to more basic needs of those who live here -- like what's going on and, more importantly, the desire we all have for the delight and support of "neighborhood". I've tried hard to have that "page philosophy" reflected in the choice of George's Eagle Harbor Web content.

Please note that the word "unofficial" is emphasized in the page heading. While Township officials are generous in their support (NO $), George's Eagle Harbor Web is a private, non-government page. Neither the Township nor its officials are resposible for anything incorporated into this web site. I'll do my best to keep you abreast of Township happenings in Township News, but you should rely on the Township's official forms of reporting and communication for information.

What's it going to take to make this work? My love of Eagle Harbor and desire to be a contributing member of our little community are certainily the inspiration. However, it will require more than inspiration to do this well. Know-how and help are also needed.

Mike Wakeman is providing much of the needed (and appreciated) know-how. Mike first put Eagle Harbor in cyberspace with his Eagle Harbor Home Page, a splendid effort that demonstrated the need and worth of an Eagle Harbor web site. Mike also goes to college and works so, unlike yours truly, who doesn't have such important demands on his life, Mike had to set aside the fun of editing a Harbor page. Mike is many manuals ahead of me in computer savy and web site design. With his continuing assistance, and perhaps yours, future editions of George's Eagle Harbor Web will be more professional and more visually appealing. I'm eager, but I need a lot of help.

Ultimately, the success of this web site depends on you, and others who access it. Your feedback, your suggestions, your input will make it truly interactive -- the only sure measure of value. Start now. Click Sign The Guestbook. You'll make my day!

So off we go -- who knows where, or even how. It surely will be an adventure. Thank you for being on board.