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Many thanks to Eagle Harbor Township officials for providing Township reports and documents and authorizing their inclusion in George's Eagle Harbor Web.

How To Contact The Township

Mail: 321 Center Street, Eagle Harbor, MI 49950
Phone: (906) 289-4407
Fax: (906) 289-4462
Email Township Office.

For latest Township news, minutes, notices, etc. see Township web Site

Township Officials
Township Board
Name Position Home
Home Address
Eagle Harbor, MI 49950
E-Mail Address
Ed Kisiel Supervisor 289-4776 9776 M-26
Jeane Olson Clerk 289-4217 7477 M-26
Ann Johnson Treasurer 289-4833 680 Pine Street
Dick Lantz Trustee 289-1021 344 South St.
Tom Ellis Trustee 289-4381 350 Third St.

Appointed Officials
Name Position Phone(906) Address E-Mail Address
Matt Arko Assessor 337-1970 104 5th Street, Calumet 49913 ()
Deputy Clerk
Barbara Been Deputy Treasurer 289-4373 147 E. North St.
Mike Radigan Fire Chief 289-4826 11696 M-26

Keweenaw County Officials

County Board of Commissioners
Name Phone (906) Address District E-Mail
Don Keith289-4288139 Sixth St.
Eagle Harbor, MI 49950
#2.(Eagle Harbor & Houghton Twps.)
Clyde Westcoat289-4668P.O. Box
Copper Harbor, MI 49918
#1 (Grant & Sherman Twps.)

Mohawk, MI 49950
#3. (Mohawk/Fulton area)
Frank Stubenrauch
(Board Chairman)
337-157222 Bollman Street
Ahmeek, MI 49901
#4. (Ahmeek area.)
Gordon Roberts337-0840P.O. Box 467
Calumet, MI 49913
#5.(Allouez area.)

Other County Officials
Position Name Phone (906) Address E-Mail
SheriffRon Lahti337-0528
Eagle River, MI 49924
Donna Jaaskelainen337-2218
Eagle River, MI 49924
Clerk &
Register of Deeds
Marilyn Winquist337-22295095 4th St.
Eagle River, MI 49924
TreasurerGeri Hall337-16255095 4th St.
Eagle River, MI 49924
Jim Heikkila337-1610P.O. Box
Mohawk, MI 49950
Gregg Patrick337-1610Road Commission
Mohawk, MI 49950

Township's New Fire Truck Placed In Service

Official Township Board Meeting Minutes

See Township Web Site for minutes after November, 2004.
Meeting of November 8, 2004
Meeting of October 11, 2004
Meeting of September 13, 2004
Meeting of August 9, 2004
Meeting of July 12, 2004
Meeting of June 14, 2004
Meeting of May 10, 2004
Meeting of April 12, 2004
Meeting of March 8, 2004
Meeting of February 9, 2004
Meeting of January 12, 2004
Meeting of December 8, 2003
Meeting of November 10, 2003
Meeting of October 13, 2003
Meeting of September 8, 2003
Meeting of August 11, 2003
Special Meeting of July 24, 2003
Solid Waste Hearing of July 14, 2003
Meeting of July 14, 2003
Meeting of June 9, 2003
Meeting of May 12, 2003
Meeting of April 14, 2003
Special Meeting of March 18, 2003
Meeting of March 10, 2003
Meeting of February 10, 2003
Meeting of January 13, 2003
Meeting of December 9, 2002
Meeting of November 11, 2002
Meeting of October 14, 2002
Meeting of September 9, 2002
Meeting of August 12, 2002
Meeting of July 8, 2002
Meeting of June 19, 2002
Meeting of May 13, 2002
Meeting of April 8, 2002
Meeting of March 11, 2002
Meeting of February 11, 2002
Meeting of January 14, 2002
Meeting of December 10, 2001
Meeting of November 12, 2001
Meeting of October 10, 2001
Special Meeting of August 18, 2001
Meeting of August 13, 2001
Meeting of July 9, 2001
Meeting of May 14, 2001
Meeting of April 9, 2001
Meeting of March 12, 2001
Meeting of February 12, 2001
Meeting of January 8, 2001
Meeting of December 11, 2000
Meeting of November 13, 2000
Meeting of October 9, 2000
Meeting of September 11, 2000
Meeting of August 14, 2000
Meeting of July 10, 2000
Meeting of June 12, 2000
Meeting of May 8, 2000
Meeting of April 12, 2000
Meeting of March 13, 2000
Meeting of February 14, 2000
Meeting of January 10, 2000
Meeting of December 13, 1999
Meeting of November 9, 1999
Meeting of October 11, 1999
Meeting of September 13, 1999
Meeting of August 9, 1999
Meeting of July 12, 1999
Meeting of June 21, 1999
Meeting of May 10, 1999
Meeting of April 12, 1999
Meeting of March 8, 1999
Meeting of February 8, 1999
Meeting of January 11, 1999
Meeting of December 14, 1998
Meeting of November 9, 1998
Meeting of October 12, 1998
Meeting of September 14, 1998
Special Meeting of August 26, 1998
Meeting of August 10, 1998
Special Meeting of July 16, 1998
Meeting of July 13, 1998
Meeting of June 8, 1998
Meeting of May 11, 1998
Meeting of April 13, 1998
Meeting of March 9, 1998
Special Meeting of March 9, 1998
Meeting of February 9, 1998
Meeting of January 12, 1998
Meeting of December 8, 1997
Meeting of November 10, 1997
Meeting of October 13, 1997
Meeting of September 8, 1997
Meeting of August 11, 1997
Meeting of July 14, 1997
Meeting of June 9, 1997
Meeting of May 12, 1997
Meeting of April 14, 1997
Meeting of March 17, 1997
Meeting of February 10, 1997
Meeting of January 13, 1997
Meeting of December 9, 1996
Meeting of November 11, 1996

The Meeting Report Archive.

The Meeting of Septmber 11, 2000
The Meeting of June 21, 1999
The Meeting of May 10, 1999
The Meeting of April 12, 1999
The Meeting of March 8, 1999
The Meeting of November 9, 1998
The Meeting of October 12, 1998
The Meeting of September 14, 1998
The Meeting of May 11, 1998
The Meeting of April 13, 1998
The Meeting of March 9, 1998
The Meeting of December 8, 1997
The Meeting of October 13, 1997
The Meeting of September 8, 1997
The Meeting of June 9, 1997
The Meeting of May 12, 1997
The Meeting of March 17, 1997
The Meeting of February 10, 1997

Township Happenings

Keweenaw County & Township Taking Steps to Implement Recreation Plan.
February 26, 1999. In early 1998, the Keweenaw County Board adopted a County Recreation Plan. The plan identified and prioritized several land acquisitions and building projects intended to enhance recreation opportunities for County residents and visitors. Included were items such as another nine holes at the County's Mountain Lodge golf course, expansion of the snowmobile trail system, a new small craft marina and maritime museum at Copper Harbor, a park and boat launch at the mouth of the Tobacco River, and several land acquisitions. The Plan was intended to serve as the basis for seeking implementing federal and state grants. The County is now seeking such a grant to proceed with the Tobacco River project.

As initially drafted, the Plan did not include any projects in Eagle Harbor Township. Supervisor Jim Boggio sought and secured amendments to the draft that identified protection of the Harbor's east beach, and securing land for the hiking and ski trails in the "pinery" near Lake Eliza and Long Lake. The latter would also protect the aquifer of the Township's water wells.

Lake Superior Land Company has subsequently sold the east beach and the land behind it. The buyers have indicated that they intend to continue to allow public access to the beach and preserve the marshland behind the beach. They indicate that there may be a few homes/cottages built on the higher land near the juncture of M-26 & Marina Road. The buyer's stated intentions are laudatory, but the reality is that both the beach and its associated marsh are in private, not public control.

The lands west of the Harbor, from 7th Street to the Copper Falls stamp sands are under intense development pressure. This includes most of the area identified in the amended County Recreation Plan. The Land Company has subdivided and sold almost all of the property along 7th Street and M-26, and along the north side of Eliza Creek almost up to the dam. Subdivision and sale of the knoll overlooking the Lake Eliza dam, and the wooded area to the north (through which the Harbor ski trail runs) are under consideration.

In light of these developments, Supervisor Boggio appeared before the County Board at its February meeting to seek a higher priority for the Township's projects in the Recreation Plan, and for County support of any grant applications the Township may seek to implement these projects. A grant application for all or a portion of the "pinery" lands is now being researched. The County Board indicated that it recognized the need to proceed quickly to protect and preserve the lands in the Township's projects and would lend its support to any such application.

Township Restoring Eagle Harbor School Building
The Township Board, which secured title to the old School from the School District in 1996 and in 1997 completed some needed structural and plumbing improvements, is proceeding with a restoration of the building. Retired White House historic preservation architect and Harbor summer resident John Dawson, is assisting with planning the Schoolhouse restoration. Other than the lighthouse, the Schoolhouse is probably the Harbor's most visable historical structure. Many long time Harbor families have strong ties to the school.

The work will proceed as funds become available but an anonymous $6,200 donation and other generous contributions, combined with a matching funds from now available Township funds have permited a major start on the project in 1998. All donations and matching Township funds will be placed in an Eagle Harbor Township Schoolhouse Restoration Fund. Other donations will be sought to complete the project. Susan King has agreed to chair the fundraising effort.

The initial work included a replacement of the windows along the sides of the first floor with replicas of the originals, matching the windows at the front and on the second floor.The exterior was scraped, repaired and painted. The bell tower, which still contains the school bell, will be fixed up and reopened in 1999, allowing the bell to once again ring out across the Harbor.

The Township plans to appropiate funds in 1999 to match donations from Township residents. The combined funds will hopefully be sufficient to complete the project this year. Remaining work includes replacement of the electrical and plumbing systems, remodeling of the kitchen area, installion of a heating system, renovation of the interior walls and ceilings, installion of lighting to match the original, and development of a historical exhibit to display old Eagle Harbor School class pictures, rosters, school equipment and supplies. Your generous donation will help to assure that all this is accomplished in time for a planned July 4th, 2000 rededication of the old school.

The building is being used as a "community building", serving as the site for summertime Township Board meetings, special community events, a service site for organizations, and avilable for lease for private events.

Continued restoration will be possible if others who share the desire to see that important Eagle Harbor historical structures are preserved, restored and put to practical use, step forward to assist in the effort. Please contact Supervisor Doug Sherk or any other member of the Township Board to convey your interest.

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