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Readers' Favorite Walkabout Photos

Harbor Web viewers seem to most enjoy photos featuring lake storms, the lighthouse, Abby the Wonderdog (she got the most mentions), and big snow. While only a few score submitted their choice for a favorite photo, one can safely assume their catagory choices reflect the views of the hundreds who check in with the Harbor Web each day. The November 1st storm photo above seems to be the most favored of the favored. Here are the other "favorite" choices.

To see an enlarged version, just click the displayed photo (thumbnail).

"awsome" - "captures pure power and beauty of the lake"
"a classic is a classic is a classic"-"
"best evidence of the big snows up here"
"has the two key ements that draw us here - lighthouse and lake view"
"from a purely photographic elements point of view, I have to vote for this one"
"I'm a real fan of the wonderdog""
"love to watch winter arrive"
"abby and the harbor - what more could you ask for"
"it has the lake, the rock, the sun, the wind, the sound, the strength, the fragility and the lyric that asks 'understand me'".
"camps and big snow
- unbeatable combination"
"my wallpaper - reminds me of the beauty and peace of the harbor"
"majestic - powerful"
Ski Trail
"reminds me many wonderful trips
on the harbor trail"
"my wallpaper -gives me a special feeling every morning when I boot up my machine."
 Grand Marais
"truly captures the serenity of Grand Marais - with abby as a bonus"
 Beaver Hunter
"really captures the feeling, the sky, the lodge, the hills and the scale (with wonderdog looking so small in the tall grass).

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