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Winter Storm Approaches

The Week's Weather Journal.

The Week Of March 9th


I guess I'm a snow junkie. This is a great weather's snowing like crazy. The very wet March snow that makes shoveling out a difficult task, but new snow is welcomed nonetheless. Looks like about 8", not much by Keweenaw standards but our first decent snowfall in over a month. The fire seems especially warm and cozy today. While out on the trail yesterday, I encountered a couple of otters seemingly having a great time tobogganing down a slope...they sensed new snow was in the making!


I'm "under the weather" and restricted to indoor rest, but the view out over the harbor is laced with icicles hanging off the eaves of a sun warmed south facing roof. The new snow has placed a smooth blanket atop the jagged harbor ice. All seems serene.


A couple of hours being poked and pricked by medical types couldn't detract from the joy of a bright, sunny day. Sparkling rivulets of snow melt edge the road down the hill. Abby gets a close trim ... she's hoping spring is here.


Furless Abby thinks she'd been had. She followed me outside in the early morn to get a look at the Hale-Bopp show in clear dark sky and encountered a five above cold blast. Did her thing in record time and quickly retreated to the warm hearth. She's over there now, wrapped in a beach blanket, giving me the "'How could you?" look. I'm still "homebound" but the day's view out the window across the brilliant white of the ice-strewn harbor reminded me of mind pictures evoked while recently reading a fascinating fictionalized account of Robert Scott's ill-fated expedition to the South Pole. ("The Birthday Boys", by Beryl Bainbridge.)


Today's weather is like our language without adjectives and adverbs...pretty bland! Low twenties, not much wind, grey. A waiting time.


The wait's over. The day begins briskly. A camp rattling northeast gale brings snow and blowing snow. A trip to the rapidly diminishing woodpile is an adventure of scooping, sliding, shivering and groping. I've been homebound too long...losing my "snow legs".


The Ides of March. Sounds like spring. Sure doesn't look like spring. Yesterday's blizzard blew until early morn today, dumping perhaps a foot or more of snow (will get the Road Commission report Monday), and building "snow traps" everywhere. Managed to keep the front door cleared but lost the battle with the woodpile. Blowing snow kept visability to a few boat lenghts all day and evening. The plows gave up about mid-morning and haven't been back. Today dawns with snow suspicious clouds and single digit cold. It will be a day of digging and scooping...and marveling at the beauty of it all!

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